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Affordable keyword search strategy service. Statistics Research includes the effectiveness of the keywords, analysis,  pay for click pricing and optimization recommendations.

Affordable Keyword Search Service

Strategy Research and Analysis

Target your market -affordably.
Keyword Effectiveness Index Report
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$149.95 for the package

Affordable Keyword Searches !!           
Keyword Search Service Example   (note there are 4 files to view at the bottom of the sheet.)

Our  keyword strategy research  and analysis service isn't just affordably priced, our work is backed by years of experience and ongoing research. Our analysis is based on detailed traffic reports from top ranking sites and  provides an estimate of the amount of search engine traffic you can expect to generate.

Our experienced staff of detail oriented nit-pickers will provide you with a realistic view of  achieving top rankings for each keyword search term, not just a listing of the number of keyword search results. Our  keyword research strategy and analysis reports  go the extra mile to allow you a true picture of your market at a very affordable price.  These reports require three to four hours of research time making our service a true value.

 We can help you find your niche and what products or services
 the public is actually looking for with our keyword search strategy service.

 Keyword Search Strategy and Recommendations Package -ONLY $149.95

Why guess at the best keyword search terms to target on your website? Our Keyword Search Strategy Service team will perform a detailed analysis to identify the most popular and best targeted keywords for your site. This report will help keep your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC)marketing campaigns on track.

This Keyword Search package priced at just $149.95  includes:

  • A Minimum of 100 to 200 Targeted Keywords and Phrases.
    These represent the actual search phrases being used by searchers that describe the products, services, or information available on your site. look at some keywords like 3d model building, 3d model of earth , horse 3d model In addition, we will also report on other words that are frequently used alongside these search terms, such as brand names, etc
  • Keyword Effectiveness Report
     Included will be the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) from one search engine of your choice. KEI compares the 30 day and 24hr."Count" results with the number of competing web pages to pinpoint exactly which keywords are most effective for your campaign strategy.   The higher the KEI the more popular your keywords are and the less competition they have which means you have a better chance of getting to the top of the search engine you are targeting.   Default engine is AOL.
    Additional engines $25.00  each

  • Pay-for-Click Pricing
    Included in the keyword strategy package will be the Pay- for- Click (aka PPC  or Pay-Per-Click) pricing for the key terms or phrases listed for your choice of one Pay for Click search engine. Default engine is Overture.
    Additional engines $25.00  each

    Pay for Click search engine campaigns are rapidly deployed, cost effective, targeted and deliver higher click-through and conversion rates than traditional impression ads.

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  • SEO Recommendations For Optimization ( See last sheet at the bottom of the example)  
    This is a complete list of recommendations for properly utilizing the keywords search strategy you receive, personalized to your business.  Included are numerous tips for getting the best positioning on the search engines.
  • Are you a do it your-selfer?  If so, try out one of our tools for free.  I do recommend the full version, around $8.00/day of you want a complete Web Demographic to truly optimize your site.  If you like it, come back to us and sign up for the full version for a year. Click on link below:
This report will reveal which keyword search terms or phrases you should target to drive increased traffic and sales to your website. All you have to do is work them into your website and follow our simple optimization instructions or have it professionally optimized  and tested with applicable programs.
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For information about our services mail to: forinfo@KeywordSearchStrategy.com
817-865-2400 Phone. Fax. Cell Unified Messaging